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National Digital Stewardship Alliance's (NDSA) 2nd biennual survey of U.S. organizations 22 Oct 13 digital information
NDSR Digital Content Immersion Workshop -- from The Signal: Digital Preservation Blog for Library of Congress 24 Sep 13 Digital preservation
New BARD App for the Visually Impaired --from Latest News for Library of Congress 24 Sep 13 Disabled students
New iPad: The Third Generation (Updating Live) 07 Mar 12 iPad, mobile, tablets
New OA Journal, Backed by O%u2019Reilly, May Disrupt Academic Publishing %u2014 The Digital Shift 20 Jun 12
New Publishing Venture Gives Researchers Control Over Access 12 Jun 12
New Research from Project Information Literacy, Fall 2011 - YouTube 13 Oct 11 research habits, students
New U.S. Research Will Aim at Flood of Digital Data - 29 Mar 12
New VHP Feature on Afghanistan and Iraq Wars --from Latest News for Library of Congress 08 Nov 13 Veterans
New White House Effort Hopes to Spur Broadband Access and App Development 15 Jun 12
New York Times to Suspend Online-Education Program 12 Jun 12
New Zealand bans software patents | ZDNet 28 Aug 13 legislation, open source, patents
News: Improving Web Searches for Students - Inside Higher Ed 08 Jun 11 search, ux
NIH sees surge in open-access manuscripts : Nature News Blog 15 Jul 13 open access, publishing, scholarly communications
North Carolina Research Data Stewardship Report 10 Apr 12
NOT-OD-13-020: Public Access Compliance Monitor: A New Resource for Institutions to Track Public Access Compliance 14 Jan 13 NIH, open access
November 2013 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter 06 Nov 13 Digital preservation
NSF Workshop Website: Curating for Data Quality 14 Sep 12 data curation, data management, scholarly communications